Community Involvement

DuBrook and M & B Services care about the communities that we serve. Below are a few examples highlighting our community efforts.

Community Outreach

Photo: One of the dugouts at the Minor League Field at Paul A. Weaver Park that M&B Services helped build last year.

M&B Servies Sees its Support of Neighborhood Projects ‘Essentially the Definition of Community’

CLARION, Pa. (EYT) – Calling it “essentially the definition of community,” M&B Services continues to support various organizations across the Clarion and Brookville area.

The latest project the company is working on is helping Clarion Borough repair the major cracks in the borough pool located next to Clarion High School so that the pool can open for the season.

At last week’s Clarion Borough Council meeting, the council approved a contract in an amount not to exceed $7,000.00 to slow down/stop the leaking in the pool. According to Councilman Ben Aaron, the amount not to exceed $7,000.00 is just a fraction of what the project will really cost and that M&B Services is donating the rest.

According to Clarion Borough Treasurer Todd Colosimo, he expects the actual cost to the borough to be significantly less than the $7,000.00, and Mike Hindman, owner of M&B Services, confirmed that saying he would be surprised if the bill to the borough was any more than $2,000.00, even though the project will cost the company more than that to complete.

“My (business) partner, Braun Gourley, and I both have young children, and we both grew up here and have lived here our entire lives,” Hindman said. “We are third generation to this area and believe kids need to have something to do. Anything to do with activities, keeping kids involved, team sports, any exercise in general, we are pretty enthusiastic about.”

Community Outreach

Pictured are Jesse Kelley and Al Lander YMCA campaign leadership, Kristen Hindman, Mike Hindman, Braun Gourley, Holly Gourley, and Milissa Bauer, also campaign leadership.

M&B Services Offers Positive Influence for YMCA

CLARION, Pa. (EYT) – When Mike Hindman and Bruan Gourley were growing up in Clarion, there was no YMCA, but the owners of M&B Services wanted to ensure that their children and others would be able to benefit from a new full-service Clarion County YMCA.

“We feel it’s important to help provide our children, and other children in the county, with opportunities that we never had,” said Mike and Braun.  “That’s why we wanted to be involved in this project.”

The involvement includes a $50,000.00 contribution to the YMCA as part of the $8.1 million campaign to build a new YMCA building.

The $8.1 million full-service Clarion County YMCA will be located near Exit 62 of I-80 and the Clarion Oaks Golf Course.

Community Outreach

Nick Cherico

Nick Cherico Eagle Scout Project 2016

M & B provided labor and materials to help eagle scout Nick Cherico complete his project on main street. Below is an excerpt from his Facebook Project page:

FINISHED Friday, July 8th, 2016 …We finally completed the project, of course in the pouring down rain too – why not! What a great feeling of accomplishment, a year in the making. There is NO way possible this project would have happened with out ALL the wonderful people in our community! There are way to many names to mention here on this post and I am afraid to miss someone, you know who you are and please know that I sincerely, deeply appreciate, everything you did for me! Now it’s up to me to finish up with a scoutmaster conference and board of review. Enjoy walking Main Street, Shop Local and hope to see you reading the historical panels! Again, Thank YOU !