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Take it from an expert

Dr. Jeremy Gregory, MIT research scientist and executive director of the Concrete Sustainability Hub, shares his views on what makes concrete durable and sustainable.

From Build With Strength - A coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Assocation (NRMCA)

“Because of the strength and durability properties that you get with concrete, you’re able to have a resilient structure.”

Dr. Jeremy Gregory, Executive Director, Concrete Sustainability Hub

Stands the test of time

Concrete structures are designed to last for centuries. Unlike other materials, concrete only gets strong over time.

Concrete’s strength, durability, and energy efficiency make it an envirionmentally friendly material – especially when you consider the entire lifecycle of the building

Simple to use
If a material isn’t easy to use, it doesn’t matter how strong it is. Good thing concrete can be molded into any shape, size, or design you can imagine.

Safe and strong
Building with concrete gives you a fire-resistant structure. When combined with other fire safety systems, you can exceed building requirements – instead of just meeting them.

Value that lasts
Concrete won’t rot, mold, rust or deteriorate. It’s energy efficient and virtually maintenance free – which means the resources you invest now will last for decades to come.

Source: Build for a Lifetime – Concrete’s strong, resilient and made to last. – A coalition of the National Ready Mix Concrete Assocation NRMCA .


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